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Pyrite is a common mineral (FeS2) mined all over the world.  It is collected by all kinds of rock enthusiasts, crystal and mineral collectors.  Pyrite from the Navajun Mine in Spain is unique.  It is the only known place in the world where pyrite forms in perfect cubic crystal shapes.
Navajun is a village located in the La Rioja Province, from where the name of the mine comes from. The Navajun Mine, that produces exclusively pyrite crystals, was discovered in 1960 by miner Pedro Ansorena Garret. Currently the mining property belongs to the Company Piritas de Navajún S.L., which is formed by Pedro Ansorena Conde, José Chaver Atanasio and Néstor López Ogalde.
These rocks are approximately 125-130 million years old and were formed under the same geological environment of the Jurassic sediments present in the La Rioja region. Fossil Dinosaur tracks are commonly found in the rocks of the region.
                  Pyrite in Matrix
The Mine utilizes loading equipment to remove barren rock between the pyrite mineralized horizons. No explosives are used for the extraction of the samples as this would destroy the fragile structure of the crystals.

                                                          Outside the Pyrite Mine

Due to the delicate nature of the Pyrite (this mineral is hard but fragile), the extraction work is conducted by hand and each sample is prepared as an individual sculpture.

              Inside the underground mine

Piritas de Navajun offer a variety of products for sale.  Pyrite is sold in matrix, cubes, groups, in flats, and as collector specimens.

                   Pyrite in Matrix

               Pyrite Cubes

            Beautiful Pyrite Sculpture

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